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insurance coverage

I'm partnered with a company, Lactation Network, that bills your PPO insurance directly for lactation services, at no cost to you (not even a copay!). They verify your insurance plan, and if approved you get 3 visits covered. (Most major PPO plans are covered, but there are some exclusions.) 

Please note that travel fees for in-person visits are not billable costs, so they are not covered by insurance.
*Therefore, the location-based travel fee (non-refundable) can be paid by card, cash or Venmo at the end of our visit.*

Steps to check your eligibility:

1. Visit
2. Chose the appropriate level of urgency for your request (Hint: emergent=appointment ASAP)
3. Complete the rest of the form.

4. Send me a text or give me a call (if you haven't already) and let me know that you've started this process and we can get you scheduled while we wait for approval. 

You and I will get a confirmation email with your approval/denial!

Was your plan not approved? Don't worry! We'll still get you squared away with a superbill that you submit to your insurance for reimbursement - lactation services are required to be paid by insurance!

Lactation assistance should be affordable and accessible for everyone.
Therefore, I offer a sliding scale for Medi-Cal patients - please contact me for pricing.
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